Thursday, 11 October 2007

So. Peter Grimes, it is, then.

Ah. Right. Opera Gold's 2008 production will be Britten's Peter Grimes.

It's a Big Ask. Not as big as the Ask in Chichester, where I had a sausagey pizza on a bike trip in 2005, but sizeable nevertheless.

Anyway, we had the first rehearsal today, piling through the Prologue and some bits of Act I. It was nice to see so many familiar faces: Dan, Jonny, Jenny, Nat, Jenny, Casey, Abi, Hamish, Ryan...

Jonny's appearance was particularly noteworthy. He sustained a broken thumb while playing cricket. (With a twig-snapping susceptibility to injury like that, he clearly has a future on a Central Contract for England.) So, he now has one of those 21st-century minimalist splints in his thumb: a metal spike through the bone that is pinioned at either end by a black stud, one such stud sticking out of the region between his thumbnail and joint, the other sticking out the top of his thumb, like two tiny licorice pellets.

At any other London Uni, people would be squirming, or sympathising, or pretending not to notice. But, this being uber-trendy Goldsmiths, everyone thinks it's a body modification fresh from LA, and they all say wow, that's really cool, where d'you get it done. They probably think 'Cover Point' is a tat parlour in Camden.

I might be doing Bob Boles, the drunken Bible-basher, so I've started preparation for the part by having a couple of cans of lager. I'll get round to the singing tomorrow.

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